For over 185 years, First Baptist Church has been a part of the greater Lafayette, Indiana, community. The church has endeavored to “create space to encounter God: by being part of the community…to serve in our faith community and the greater Lafayette community.” To meet the challenges and changes confronting our church today, First Baptist is offering the following new position and opportunity to a graduate-level seminarian to merge their educational career with an opportunity to gain ministry experience in an American Baptist congregation.

Associate Pastor of Faith Development

Reports To: Senior Pastor


  • Exhibit a committed faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university .
  • Be enrolled in graduate-level work at an accredited seminary while living and working in the greater Lafayette area, preferably enrolled in an M.Div. program. 
  • Have a natural ability and interest in networking people and organizations.
  • Be a team player.
  • Have an appreciation for/willingness to engage with many generations.
  • Be open to receive feedback and to participate in dialogue.
  • Be able to accept personal responsibility for both your actions and inactions.
  • Be willing to try new things and experiment.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to the congregation in being fully present to our neighborhood.
  • Create a plan for how the congregation can be present to young adults (including the high number of graduate students who live in our neighborhood, but who we do not necessarily know).
  • Develop relationships with young adults.
  • Develop opportunities for worship, Bible study, fellowship, service, outreach, retreats, and other activities that will enhance faith development for young adults, with the freedom to use non-programmatic methods, too.
  • Alongside the senior pastor & diaconate, provide on-going leadership to the Growing Young Task Force, helping to organize monthly meetings and quarterly all-teams meetings.
  • Alongside the senior pastor & diaconate, share in the work of pastoral care for church members and community members.
  • Alongside the senior pastor & the worship committee, share in the work of worship planning, and preach according to an agreed upon schedule.


  • Study well.
  • Take care of yourself well.
  • Find ways to nurture your own spirituality.
  • This position is considered part-time, so it is expected that you will work at least 8 to 10 “sections” of time per week. (21 sections per week/3 “sections” per day)
  • Be present on Sunday mornings for worship, fellowship time, and Sunday School.
  • Lead during morning worship and teach a Sunday School class.
  • Be present at other scheduled church events (to be determined by your other obligations and in conversation with the senior pastor).
  • Maintain regular office hours at the church that are published and consistent, yet with the majority of your time being spent in the neighborhood and with young adults.

Compensation from First Baptist Church of Lafayette:  

  • $20,000 per year of salary
  • $3,000 per year of tuition assistance paid directly to your seminary/university

How to Apply: 

  • Submit an electronic resume to First Baptist Church via email to  by April 15, 2021.  Start date negotiable, but prefer no later than July 2021.  
Contact / Location

Contact info

Monday through Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

411 N 7th St, Lafayette, IN 47901

Gathering Times

9:00 a.m. - Early Morning Coffee Social
9:30 a.m. - Worship
10:30 a.m. - Coffee & Fellowship
11:00 a.m. - Sunday School

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