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The 2022 Easter Cantata service featuring the combined congregations of First Baptist Church and First Christian Church.

A Special Thank You to Today’s Musicians

Today we are delighted to enjoy the music of “Once Upon a Morning” by Pepper Choplin, with orchestration by Michael Lawrence. The combined choirs of First Christian Church & First Baptist Church are under the direction of Jeffrey Goodspeed and Matt Hood.

Choir members  include: Terri Anderson, Gordon Coppoc, Harriet Coppoc, Wanda Fisher, Cindy Garvey, Jeffrey Goodspeed, Matt Hood, Barry Kemble, Christina LeFevre, Cay Long, Sylvia Mohler, Matthew Stewart, Carolyn Weedon, and Eileen Weiss.

Orchestra members include Roger Barnhart on bass, Zac Dismore on percussion, Jon-Paul Hurt on piano, Jim Wells on horn, and Kate Wright on clarinet. Special thanks to Matthew Stewart who served as narrator, to Barry Kemble who performed the “Thomas” solo, and to Jeffrey Goodspeed who performed the “Jesus” solo.

Thank you all for sharing your gifts of music so that we might all worship God together.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

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