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Understanding what exactly Baptists believe can be a challenging task, since it really matters who precisely you are speaking with. However, there are several beliefs that most Baptists agree on. Today we begin with the idea of Bible freedom, which begins with the belief that the teachings of Scripture are essential to our faith. We also believe that the overarching narrative of Scripture leads to the story about Jesus Christ. But with freedom comes responsibility- do we do the hard work of learning its teachings ourselves, or merely trust others to do that work for us?

About this Series

What does being a “Baptist” mean? There are many ideas out in the world about what it means to be part of this unique tribe called Baptist- let’s explore our Baptist distinctives so that we might better understand who we are and what that means for us today.  Join us during the months of September & October as we explore the four freedoms Baptists believe deeply in – Bible, soul, church, and religious liberty – as well as exploring the two ordinances that Baptists believe in: believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  Following morning worship, Pastor Lisa will be leading the Seekers Class in further conversations about each topic. 

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