Dear First Baptist family: 

I trust that you are enjoying your long Thanksgiving weekend, even if it looks dramatically  different than usual. Giving thanks to God is always a worthwhile endeavor, especially when we  find ourselves in a hard season, as it hits the reset button on our minds and hearts. 

I need to communicate to you a decision that was made by the diaconate on Wednesday  evening. With the threshold of 10% community spread of COVID-19 being reached last  weekend, and the new “red level” restrictions imposed by the Tippecanoe County Health  Department that went into effect on Tuesday, we felt it was important to discuss what our  response should be. 

At this time, we have decided to resume virtual worship only on Sunday mornings. This means  that at 9:30 a.m. this Sunday morning, November 29, you will be able to live stream our  worship service from our website. Or, beginning at 1 p.m., you will be able to watch the  recording of the service “on demand” at the time of your choosing. If you would appreciate  receiving a DVD instead, please notify Jean in the church office on Monday morning  (admin @ firstbaptistlafayette . org or 742-5223). 

We will continue with virtual worship only until the community moves down from the 10%  spread, coinciding with a return to the “orange” level as described by Tippecanoe County’s  Health Department.

We are, of course, reluctant to make this move as we believe gathering together for the  worship of God is vital to our life of faith. But it’s also very important that we pay attention to  what is happening in our community right now – and then change our behavior to  accommodate the needs of all. After all, this is a tangible way that we can demonstrate our love  of neighbor as self. 

And on that note, I have a favor to ask. So many of you generously offered to call a particular  church member weekly back in the spring- thank you for that! And if you did so, could you  make sure that your assigned individual or family receives this message about resuming virtual  worship only?  

Despite having to adapt our plans for worship, I am looking forward to worshipping God with  you as we begin the season of Advent this Sunday. Advent is the time of year when we prepare  ourselves for the amazing gift of God in Christ Jesus. This year, we’ll be considering together the  idea of dreaming. What if we gave ourselves the time and the space to dream new dreams? To  dream God’s dreams? Start thinking about what dreams you have. . . what dreams are being  stirred in your heart and mind?  

May the peace of Christ rule in all of our hearts and minds, even in these days.

With Great Hope, 

Pastor Lisa Williams Hood 

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